This will not setup your PC. The SCU found at the top of this page is the software that sets up your PC. The Configurator only changes the IP address of the ESS - most people will NOT need to run this application.

Download: Configurator Utility v1.1

Each Ethernet SmoothStepper board is programmed at the factory with a static IP address of If you have a need to change the address of the board, this utility will allow you to change it. Otherwise do not run this program. It has a specific purpose, which is to allow your SmoothStepper to fit into an existing network. We do not recommend integrating the ESS with other computers, printers, the Internet, etc. But if you must do so, you will likely need to use this utility in order for the ESS board to conform to your network. The best solution is to dedicate the wired Ethernet adapter of your computer to the ESS, and use another Ethernet adapter for communicating with other computers, printers, and the Internet. On a laptop, this is most often the wireless interface. A very simple an effective method of adding an extra Ethernet adapter is to use a USB to Ethernet adapter, PCI or PCI Express based Ethernet adapter. They are inexpensive and work very well.

Here is a video showing how to use the Configurator Utility and the SCU to change your ESS's IP Address.

The SCU and the Configurator Utility CANNOT both be running at the same time!!! They mutually block ports that the other needs. If they are both open, close both utilities, cycle power to the ESS and then start the utility you want.


In Windows firewall, there are two incoming rules for the Configurator, make sure that they both have green checks and not red X's. :

Make sure that you open both of them, go into Advanced tab, and make sure that Domain, Private and Public are all checked for both rules. You will need to restart the Configurator if you needed to modify any of the rules.